Dave Grimm, Illustrator & Fine Artist

Dave Grimm has been an Illustrator since the early age of 5. His first drawing was of a dinosaur and was so realistic that his teacher asked if he really drew it. Later in High School his artwork starting winning awards and earning him a decent paycheck.

While Dave has provided for his family by working for The City of Mesa, Arizona as a Commercial Sanitation Driver his passion for drawing has persisted. He has Illustrated for multiple published Authors and created unique western inspired landscapes. His passion for classic vehicles and history serves as his inspiration for many of his fine art pieces.

Dave specializes in:

​·      Artists' books design

·         Book design

·         Environmental graphics

·         Font /typography Design

·         Identity design/strategic design

·         Illustration/imagery design

·         Poster design

·         Publication design

·         Sustainable design

·         Symbol design

·         Visual Communication Design

·         Drawing ● Pencil ● Colored pencil ● Ink ● Markers