I’ve always enjoyed writing, but the irony is that reading was difficult for me as a child.  Because I struggled with dyslexia and ADD my mother used to read to my brother and myself to help whittle away hot Arizona summer afternoons. This helped cultivate my deep love of storytelling.

 Then a surprising turn of events came when I had a horseback riding accident that left me paralyzed at fifteen. By God’s grace, I went on to graduate from Biola University, meet my husband and become a mother. With my, love of stories, my background in education, and my husband’s artistic talents the stage was perfectly set for me to write my first children’s book in 2012.  I now have 5 books that are part of my Mommy, Tell Me a Story…series and am so excited to add the Mitty’s Gamen series to my growing list.

 My husband is my illustrator and my son is featured in all my books so it is definitely a family affair. I have been a paraplegic for 26 years now so I tend to look at the world a little differently than most and it shows in my writing.

Mostly I have learned to be thankful for everything and never take anything for granted. Life is so much more enjoyable when you spend your time focusing on what you can do rather than on what you can’t. Always keep in mind that a great deal in life is much funnier than you might want to admit so make sure to laugh or smile as much possible.

These are the things I like to write about and like to share on my blog.
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Kristi and her husband Dave are natives of Arizona and work as a team. Dave illustrates and Kristi writes. Kristi and Dave have been married for over eleven years.  Kristi is a paraplegic from a horseback riding accident when she was 15. She is a 1993 graduate of Biola University where she earned  a Bachelor of Arts degree. Dave has worked as a city sanitation driver over 25 years. They are a blended family and together they have four sons. Their youngest son, Dillon, can be seen in all of their books as the little boy that asks Mommy to tell him a story. Kristi comes from a very strong Christian home which is the motivation for the values that she puts in her stories.