In the first book of the trilogy we meet a fourteen year old Mitty who is ready to fulfill her dream of going to the Academy with her best friend Dakan to become a Kree Protector.  But, they cannot go to the Academy until they find their gamen eggs and establish a bond with them. Come follow Mitty, her brother, Boboc, and sister, Zeeta, with Dakan as they embark on an amazing adventure only to discover a secret danger that will change the course of history for the Kree Valley forever.

In the second book we find Mitty has begun her life at the Academy with her gamen, Gobic by her side. She is eager to learn to master the skills of a Kree Protector. What Mitty doesn’t realize is that this will require her to stretch herself more than she ever has before as she meets new obstacles, confronts the past, tames her curiosity, and faces an uncertain future. Only through the strength of the Creator and the guidance of her friends and family will she and Gobic be the heroes Kree Valley needs them to be.

The last book of the trilogy is expected to be released in 2018.

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