“Mommy Tell Me A Story could not be more timely to help children understand the benefits of, the need for and how recycling works. The book puts a caring human face to the man with the big truck who picks up so much trash week after week. It helps them to understand that it is not a truck that picks up the trash but a person. It is a simple message that we all need to do what we can to extend our planet's resources.”

“These are wonderful children's books. My great-granddaughter loves them and wants us to read to her over-and-over. The storyline and illustrations make these books  real treasures.” 

“These books are a treasure for any child. Simple for a child to read and  all have great morals for the child to glean. Illustrations are thoughtful and detailed with lots of personality.”  

“A wonderful story about a mom telling her child a story, well written! The illustrations are awesome. So very colorful with lots of expression for the little ones.” 

“This is a great story to help children think about others especially when it comes to safety. It is a great lesson in simple consideration and the value of other people even in competition...winning isn't everything! “ 

“This is a great uplifting story for children. Some days at school can leave children feeling like they didn't measure up in the social world. This is a great book to help them to remember that we all have different talents and abilities.”

“Mommy, Tell Me a Story About a Plane is a sweet, charming book which describes an aging plane who learns that it is important to enjoy who you are. He does this by finding some new, unexpected friends. The story is a great, read aloud, bedtime story for children up to second grade.“

"After reading the first book in your series "Mitty's Gamen" I am excited for the next ones."

" Mitty is what every girl aspires to be."

" Mitty and her Gamen have the kind of friendship we all hope to have."